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With the history of over two decades, Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, known also as Auto China, has been successfully organized for eleven consecutive sessions. Auto China, organized every two years, has been globally recognized as the one of the most important auto shows in the world.
Thanks to the huge automobile consumer markets in China and rapid growth of Chinese auto industry, Beijing International Automotive Exhibition has improved gradually in terms of internationalization, quality of exhibits, and expanded its influence in the global auto industry. Thus, Auto China catches great attentions of the global auto industry, media and all social sectors. All of the well-known global auto companies have ranked Auto China as one of the most important A-class auto shows worldwide. Meanwhile, Auto China is the ideal platform for domestic auto companies to show their home-grown innovations and native brands.
In the past two decades, the organizing committee of Auto China has persisted in the concept of fine exhibits, completed line of brands, and internationalization, as well as devoted itself to build up a great platform to express corporate images of both Chinese and foreign auto companies, to promote brands, and to make better communication and exchange of information.
With the recovery of global auto industry, 2014 (the 12th) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is fully confident to further help communication and cooperation of domestic and foreign auto industries, as well as to contribute to the revitalization and development of global auto industry.
We look forward to seeing you at 2014 (the 12th) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.
Core Values of Auto China 2014
To show global automobile industry and its related industries in a focused,comprehensive and high-standard way.
To exhibit new technologies, new products and new trends of both domestic and international automobile industry.
To catch the attention of global media
To organize forums and technical symposiums and to provide a platform of communication for the industry.
To serve markets and auto consumers.
Auto manufactures of passenger cars and commercial vehicles
Auto components & parts manufacturers and related business
Designing institutions of automobiles and related products
Suppliers of auto decorative products and consumables
Financial service institutions
Trading companies of automotive and related products
Media in auto and related industries 
Scope of Exhibits
Passenger car, commercial vehicle and special purpose vehicle
Concept car
Auto parts, assembles, modules and systems
Automobile manufacturing equipment and technological process
Automobile measuring, testing equipment
Development and application of CAD
New technological processes and new materials in automotive industry
New energy resource technologies and products in automotive industry
Environmental-friendly technologies and products in automotive industry
Automobile accessories
Maintenance facilities
Grand occasion of 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition
Attracted 785,600 visitors worldwide, setting a record high attendance in China’s auto shows
12,500 journalists from 1,564 media organizations attended and covered the auto show
1,100 foreign journalists from 200 foreign media organizations of 48 countries.
220,000 m2 exhibition area reached a new record.
Broke a record in domestic and Asian auto shows
Became one of the biggest auto shows in the world
All of well known global auto manufactures ranked Auto China as A-class auto show worldwide
Total 990 vehicles were on display 


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